What Your Most Frequently Used Emoji Says About You
What Your Most-Frequently Used Emoji Says About You

What does your most frequently used emoji says about you? Emojis are now undeniably a part of how we communicate online, but do you know what your Most Frequently Used Emoji Says About You? Watch this video to learn the hidden meaning behind your emoji conversations, and I’ll also give you the one emoji that rings the most alarm bells and shouts run whilst you can.

People turn to text messages when they don’t have the confidence to share their views face to face, and they also turn to the emoji as a shortcut to express their thoughts and emotions, but did you know that these modern day visual emotions provide an instant personality test saying more about you than you think. If you want to know how someone’s feeling, just take a look at their most common or recently used emoji, and with some understanding, you can find out everything you need to know.

Psychologists have studied the use of emojis as vital clues about the senders state of mind, values and beliefs, but like any form of personality test, they merely provide a snapshot into someones general mood at any point in time, so remember that emojis, like any emotional response, need to be taken into context of both the person and the conversation, the only way to gain an accurate insight into how someone is feeling, is to ask them and talk about it.

I don’t think it’s a surprise to learn that women are twice as likely to use emojis than men. Getting a man to share how he feels verbally can be hard enough, so finding one who is comfortable enough to share a crying face after a bad day is not going to be easy, whereas women are generally more open and comfortable expressing their emotions and sharing how they really feel. A very good male friend of mine will get lines and lines of text message from me about this that and the others, and even though he will reply almost immediately, I tend to get that single icon followed by maybe another one as he knows I’m looking at the screen saying ‘Is that it”

There are so many emojis out there that I’d be here all day if I covered them all, so I’ve been asking people what they use, thank you to all of you who gave me your most used emoji, and I’ve trued to include them all.

🙏 🤞

Praying Hands indicate a grateful person, someone who is genuinely thankful and appreciative for the things they have in life. When ending a message with praying hands after either asking for something or updating on a current situation, this emoji reflects someone who feels indebted to other people. It shows gratitude and the feeling that your requests or suggestions are an inconvenience to them. People who use the praying hands are the type of character that say’s I’m really sorry for asking, or only if it’s ok with you. This is less spiritual that the idea of praying, it’s more about hope and wishes.

Fingers crosses is a similar meaning


😂  🤣 Tears Laughter

The tears of laughter are probably the most-used emojis and have replaced ha ha ha, and LOL, or laughing out loud, which my mum used to think was Lots of love until she replied to some sad news with ‘Thinking of You LOL.

The laughter emoji is the key to "connecting with people" and is a sign of a "feelgood friend,”  it’s all about wanting to make the receiver feel at ease. It reflects someone who enjoys letting other people know that they are on their side, it’s a bit like a stamp of approval and recognition that whatever has been said or shared, the sender is saying “yeah I get that too”.

However … This laughter emoji can also be used a bit of a ‘get out of jail card’ as it’s a very easy emoji to send when you feel you ‘ought to respond, but don’t really want to get involved any further. You can read a comment, watch a funny video and simply send a laughing emoji. It says, I’ve seen it, and responded, but either haven’t got time or can’t really be bothered to say or do any more. It’s probably the one emoji that is least open to any misinterpretation.


😊 😄 😀 – Grinning Face

Smiley faces are all about being happy and caring the are sent by those who want to make sure that everyone else is happy even at the cost of their own wishes or desires.

The smile is softer as it’s not ‘crying with laughter’ so it reflects someone who wants to keep the peace and is concerned with placating others, Always used to express happiness, does not have an anterior or hidden motive

People who send the smiley face like to keep things simple, and typically have a great attitude about life. they are open and generous, and don’t overcomplicate things. The smiley face gang don’t need much to be happy, and they like to share that happiness with those they are talking to.

They are steady and dependable, have even though they have a good sense of humour, that funny joke you sent won’t get them rolling on the floor in laughter,

❤️/ 😍 / 😘 Red heart - extrovert Heart eyes - over the top

We all know that hearts are a sign of love and affection, especially when they are red, so if you’re a heart user, you are going to have a warm and affectionate nature, and you’re not afraid to express your feelings. Compassion comes naturally to you, and you want everyone around you to feel loved, especially when they’re going through a hard time. The heart eyes signify more love of something such as a place a food or an idea, whereas the kissing heart is more personal to somebody. The simple red heart is sent in the same way you would send someone flowers, it’s all about saying I’m here and I care.

However, people who use the classic red heart over and over again are generally more extroverted and can have a tendency to go over the top with their repeated hearts, and just like any form of affection, the more the love is widely handed out, the more diluted it becomes and the less impact it has. So the person who may send the occasional red heart or kiss, is sending a more genuine feeling of love, than the person who hands them by the dozen.



The kiss has a slight different angle as this represents a fun and flirty side of someone who feels very at ease treating close friends like family. The person who sends the kiss emoji, is honest and open and has the confidence to let people they care about them without it having any romanic connotations.

💋 – Kiss Mark

The actual kiss lips on the other hand shows a sassy, straightforward personality. They call things as they see them and are rarely afraid to directly flirt with their crush. They don't see the point of skirting around things, and you feel like it's important to live life to its fullest.


😜😉 – Winking Face

The winker, I need to be careful how I say that, the winker has a playful and almost cheeky side as they use this emoji to support their humorous comments. When things get tense, they will make a witty remark to add some levity to the situation. What’s relevant here is the accompanying emoji as they may make light of the station, but they often add a second, or third emoji let people know that they do care and prevent things being taken the wrong way. These can also be used after an insult or criticism to lessen the blow.

This also has sexual connotations and implies a cheeky innuendo from someone who is ‘just testing the water without being too overt. It allows the sender to send something a little more risky, with the added buffer of I’m only kidding.

😔😊 flushed face

embarrassment at something said or done, or just the response to an endearing comment, it’s how the shy person would respond to a compliment.

These are all about contentment and calmness and show someone who maybe a little more aloof, and not wanting to give too much away.



Pensive sad faces show disappointment, regret or remorse. The sending is saying this is my life at the moment and it’s not the best, but I’ll cope.


😭Crying face - drama queen

As much as they may not realise it, they love the drama. The user of the flooding tears shows someone who is very open with their emotions and someone who is extremely responsive to the feelings of others. They don’t just show happiness or sadness, they show overwhelming joy or overwhelming sadness, it’s all about being a bit over the top, I’d almost expect to see the letters OMG 😭



The single tear shows someone who confides and is just giving enough information to show that either they are feeling a bit down themselves, or that they recognise that the receiver is going through a rough patch and they sympathise with them. This is less of a cry for help, and more of a sign of empathy and understanding.

In comparison, the "wailing face" is a sign of "someone who is genuinely grief-stricken”. This is the middle ground between the over the top flooding tears and and the single tear drop from an almost expressionless face.

Watch out for this one as when used in a genuine and serious context, the "wailing" face reveals a genuine character who is looking for support.

This is a representation of being exhausted and stressed with the cutest situation. It’s like telling a friend that you are totally fed up.


😠😡 Anger

these are seldom used humorously as the represent real anger or disgust at a current situation. It isn’t necessarily targeted at the recipient, it’s more often at a general situation, I think 2020 would het this emoji.


🙄 The eye roller

This is all about someone who is often startled by the sometimes bizarre, selfish or hypocritical actions of others. It’s the person who wants to say ‘seriously’ but refrains from being too critical, so just gives the subtle eye roll, whilst probably shaking their head at the same time, but the feeling can also be towards themselves as they will often often use sarcasm to protect themselves, meaning that the eye roll can also be acknowledging whet they have said or done, as if to say “i know I’m a total idiot”


😎 – Smiling Face With Sunglasses

You're too cool for school. You're often out doing exciting and interesting things, but even when you aren't, you exude an air of sophistication and style that makes people respect you. You're confident, even in your dorkiest moments.

Thumbs up - emotionally distant

👍 / 👌 / 🤙

The thumbs-up or ok emojis are often used as a simple affirmation to acknowledge reading or seeing a post without the need to write a long sentence. It’s a polite confirmation from the sender that they agree or accept whatever is being shown or discussed.

Most people use a thumbs-up at some point in a conversation as it’s a one-size-fits-all emoji that works in most situations — but those who use it repeatedly are often not big communicators as this enables them to avoid actually expressing themselves in any more detail than, yep thats ok. Alongside the laughing face, these are seen as the most genderless emojis, making them the most popular with men of few words and little emotion, they enable the sender to remain emotional cool and distant.


🙌 / 🎉

Raised hands are more about praise and telling the other person that they have done well and ou are showing support and celebration.

You’re life’s cheer squad, often celebrating successes — both your own and those of friends and family, be they birthdays or job promotions or small everyday wins. There’s no inherent downside here, except perhaps to ensure that your friends also know you’re there for them when things go wrong.


🍻 / 🍺

Whichever alcohol emoji is used, it typically signifies a person who turns to alcohol to either celebrate or commiserate. ‘If it’s bubbly, like champagne glasses, it’s more of a popped-cork celebration. Whereas the wine emoji could mean let’s have a drink, relax, or even cry. It’s often sent to say, it’s ok, I’m here and we will sort it, a bit like a text version of sit downing tell me all about it and I’ll open a bottle. Alcohol emojis are more about friendships and comfort than acally drinking.

So which emoji is the most dangerous one, the one that sets off all the alarm bells and should have you running as far away as you can

The snake emoji is the ultimate sign of dishonesty, think about the Garden of Eden or Harry Potter's Slytherin, the snake symbol has always been a sign of dishonesty and evil. This is the icon of a narcissist as the snake emoji is full of "mistrust, anger, envy" and if you receive this, you may need to think carefully about your reply. Let me know in the comments which emoji the snake is after receiving.

These interpretations are simply that, interpretations and remember that we all send messages for different reasons, messages will be sent for business, family, friends and lovers, so everyone will, or should adapt their messages accordingly. So not receiving a love heart doesn’t mean the sender isn’t  affectionate, just as much as receiving one doesn’t always mean you have an admirer.

Learning the motive behind the emoji is not only useful in understanding the personality of the sender, it’s also a great way to look back at your own messages as you might see yourself from a very different  perspective.

what do you think???? 🤔

So next time you want to know how someone’s feeling, there’s no need to ask: just take a look at their most recently used emoji, and you’ll find out everything you need to know . . .

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