How Prepared Are You To Come Out Of Hibernation?

Is it just me or did that incredibly crazy year fly by so fast. It only feels like 2 minutes since we were hearing the first news reports of a virus, and here we are over 9 months later, feeling like we are back where we started.

We had no idea what was ahead of us, I remember my children asking if schools would close back in March, I said hopefully not, and my daughter asking if her Prom would be on in July, I told her it would probably all be over by then.

Her dress is still hanging on the back of her bedroom door 😔

It was when my chidden said that they wished they could go back to the start of summer knowing what they know now, instead of waiting every day for changes to happen they would have made the most of the time they were given.

We saw lockdown as losing our freedom, but in many ways we were actually given more freedom than we have ever had before. Other than those who suffered with illness, separation and the loss of loved ones, we focused on what we were not able to do, rather than looking at all the opportunities we had been given to work on ourselves.

I remember saying about 2 years ago, I had so many plans and ideas that wished I could just take myself away to somewhere remote, and get my head down to work without any interruption, I never dreamt that I was about to be given over 9 months to focus on my own goals and dreams.

I don’t want to reach the end of 2021 feeling that I’ve lost another year by waiting, rather than doing.

I’m excited for the next few months, we can finally see the light at the end of this long dark tunnel, but it’s also our last opportunity to plan and prepare for when we are back on the treadmill of the new norm, and we need to be ready to face the outside world again.

How prepared are you to come out of hibernation?


p.s. I may have the answer.