Do you read this and wish it was you?

Do you read this and wish it was you?

Last summer, I had the privilege of working with 9 incredible ladies who all joined my live on line ‘Find Your Confidence’ training.

For 2 hours every Monday night I delivered the course content, sending them off with tasks to complete before we met again for another 2 hours on Thursday evening.

They dialled in from Italy, Portugal, Germany, America and the UK hoping to gain a little more self esteem and enough confidence to get themselves out of the rut that was robbing them of happiness.

None of us had any idea what was to happen over the following 9 weeks.

As we peeled back the layers week by week, finding the root cause of so many insecurities, laughter turned to tears, and tears turned back to laughter as each individual was re built as a much stronger version of themselves.

I knew the content would make a difference, but what I didn’t expect was the way that they took the tools and methods to not only build their own self confidence, they also worked hard to help each other.

It’s so much easier to see solutions to someone else’s problem, so listening to each other helped them to find the answers to so many of their own questions.

The more they supported someone else, the more strength they found in themselves.

The programme finished in August, but this group of now incredibly strong, independent women still meet up over zoom to share their success stories like they have known each other for all their lives. It only needs one of them to post on the private facebook group that they’ve had a bad day, to instigate another zoom catch up where they all bring wine and laughter.

I couldn’t be prouder, as they all exceeded every expectation, and continue to grow.

The Find Your Confidence cause was run by me, live on line, every week. I promoted it as a 1 time only opportunity, with future courses being as a downloadable version only.

Being part of their success and watching them change week by week was inspiring, and quite simply, I loved every minute.