My career history would take far too long to describe in great detail, but I will say that I truly believe that your future is mapped out for a reason, and that every experience you have will resurface at some stage later in life, disguised as something we call ‘a coincidence’.

It’s only now that I realise that every diverse, and often random, job that I have ever done has actually been my own training programme and a series of stepping stones to the next opportunity. Everything that I deliver is based upon qualifications, but more importantly, it’s all based on personal experience.

First time away from home, and thrown in the deep end, there was no better training for life in the real world, than working as a Holiday Representative living in Spain. I’ll never forget the first time someone shouted at me for a flight delay, I say shouted, it was more like screaming, with so much verbal abuse that I burst into tears. Without realising it, that was the moment I started my own journey to Find My Confidence, and it wasn’t long before I was pushing myself to the front of the queue, to manage hoards of irate passengers held up for hours in a hot and crowded departure lounge.

I was petrified the first time I had to guide a coach tour or deliver a welcome party. Without any public speaking experience, it was pick up the microphone and go, but before long it became second nature, unbeknown at the time that in the future I would feel quite at home presenting to 2000 people at training conferences.

Leaving Spain I lived in Bermuda before moving to London, working as a TV and Fashion Make-up artist. On paper, as they say, this should have been the most exciting of all my jobs, but surrounded by people, in the busiest city, I had never felt so alone. The industry didn’t promote inner strength, it fed insecurities, and learning how to stay positive in an environment where you are constantly being judged, and dropped without notice, made me incredibly resilient. I gained  the self belief that no one is going to carry you through life, so whatever you want, you need to go out and do it for yourself.

Whilst in London, an opportunity came up to join the health spa on a brand new Carnival Cruise Liner sailing out of Miami. (MS Fantasy) With my new confidence, resilience and strength, within 4 weeks I had packed my bags for a 9 month contact to work in a totally new environment, with people I had never met before, in a place I had never been to.  

After 2 months, promotion into management meant leaving the Caribbean to fly to Hong Kong and join a ship that sailed to the culturally diverse ports of South East Asia. What started out as 9 months away, lasted over 2 years.

My parents are no longer with us, so I treasure the photographs when they came to see me, joining the ship in Singapore. The cruise itinerary took us to the tiny Island of Nias in North Sumatra to watch the famous Stone Jumping, a virility ritual where teenage boys have to jump over a 2 metre stone wall to prove their passage into manhood.

Watching these men, I was fascinated how cultures can have such differing views of what constitutes manhood, and what they will do in order to fit in. It made me question how hard we all work in order to prove ourselves and feel included.

There are no rules to follow, it’s about looking at what you can do now, and what you want to be able to do, and whether that’s jump over a 2 metre stone wall, or enter a room full of strangers, achieving it won’t just happen, so you need to make the decision to start learning how to do it at some point. 

I was at the Nagasaki Peace Statue in Japan when I had what they call ‘an epiphany moment’. I had gathered a wealth of experience and wanted to explore every life skill I had gained. Returning back to the ship I handed in my notice and 3 months later, I returned home to study Psychology at University.


After studying Applied Psychology and Psychometric Testing, I set up my own training company 24 years ago to write and deliver Training Programmes combining my academic knowledge with real world experience. When the world turned upside down, and we all needed to re think the future, I decided to take my content on line.

Facing every challenge thrown at me, I built a successful YouTube channel, trialing different content to find my true niche, and it kept leading me to women all over the world who felt under valued and lacked confidence and purpose.

Looking back on all the courses I had written and delivered over the years from Stress Management, Leadership, Management skills, Negotiation and Assertiveness, to name only a few, I collated the most effective and relevant topics to start developing, what I believe is, the most effective programme of its kind.

Find Your Confidence for Women is real, it’s all about what you realistically can do now to make a difference. We look at what stops you from moving forward, no matter how trivial may seem to you and each week we introduces solutions that work, and making the commitment to work with others makes the change happen.


There are 2 things that my exciting career history has given me. The first is the confidence to take on any challenge with the self belief that whatever happens, I will be able to deal with it. The second is the resilience to overcome negative thoughts that would stop me from achieving anything. 

I now want to share those life skills and experiences, supported by the academic knowledge, to help women just like you to Find Their Confidence and Purpose in Life.


Learning to be more confident isn’t about eliminating anything fearful in your life, as that would stop you from ever doing anything, it’s about changing the way you think about it, and learning the skills and behaviours to convince yourself that you are far more capable than you ever believed.

The women I have worked with tell me that I have helped them to deal with difficult work colleagues or family members, change jobs, find new relationships and build their own businesses, but the truth is that they did it all themselves, I just helped them realise that they had the ability and power all along. 

Join me today as I show you how to turn your insecurities and self consciousness into positive self belief, finally turning your fears into freedom.