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8 weeks of 1-2-1 on line training at a time to suit you.

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2 hours per week of content coaching with Sue Blackhurst.

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Lifetime access to the members group for future workshops

Once you start believing in yourself, the magic starts to happen"

There is a false belief that confidence means walking into a crowded room shouting Ta Da, I’m here! But that isn’t confidence, that’s more than likely a coping mechanism for low self esteem, so I’m definitely not going to be sending you out to be the centre of attention. (I’m shaking my head at the thought)

Finding your Confidence is all about removing the fear. What that fear is, can differ from one person to the next, but what we do know, is that lack of confidence leads women to judge themselves believing that others see them as foolish, weak or incapable.

Female confidence is about self assurance and feeling in control of your emotions. Self confidence is knowing that you can cope with whatever you are facing, without avoiding events, work opportunities or conflict with people who threaten your self esteem and beliefs. 

Once you learn how to rethink and re evaluate what people say, you gain control of your thoughts, dismissing all of those that are neither relevant nor accurate. 

You will learn how to interpret the behaviours of others, enabling you to manage the impact that they have upon you. You will learn how to approach individuals, and groups, with confidence to initiate, or engage in, conversation with ease.

When you Find your Confidence, you will also find your resilience. We all get thrown that curved ball, and even though you can’t always control what happens to you, you can control how it affects you. You will not only know what to say, but how to express yourself and speak your mind, without worrying what people will think.


The Caged Lion

For those who crave attention and thrive on freedom and dominance, quarantine and isolation have been both physically and mentally challenging.

When the caged lions are released back into the world, be prepared as they will be bigger and boulder than ever before.

The Hibernating Hamster

For those who have found security and comfort hiding away in the safety of their own homes, the thought of facing the outside world is going to be even more daunting and difficult than ever before. 


ThIs is what they said ...

"Thank you so very much, Sue. Taking your class was honestly one of the most liberating and empowering experiences of my life. I feel so different it's honestly hard to describe. There are so many lovely exciting things I'm actively pursuing right now that I wouldn't have ever tried without your program" "I'll know I'll never lose this truly solid core self-belief. 'Paradigm shift' doesn't even begin to describe it.  I'm so glad we're going to be able to keep in touch and that it isn't over, because aside from being an awesome teacher, you're just such a fabulous woman to know."
Washington DC
"At the start of this year with lockdown, I started to think about my life, and the thoughts were not the best ones. I was alone and felt everyone was talking about me."  I found Sue and had an interview to join the group, I was very nervous, thinking the other ladies would all be more confident than me, but in fact, it was not like that and I was able to learn a lot from them all." 
 "I now understand how to deal with different personalities, how to answer them, how our body speaks before us and how to control our emotions in difficult times, When I came back to work, I noticed that my perspective changed significantly and I was not lonely anymore."     "I have stopped being sad and no longer spend time crying. I have to thank Sue for these opportunities and all the ladies that were on this journey with me."  
I came across Sue's YouTube videos by accident but I quickly discovered that she was a perceptive, empathic and motivational person, and I really enjoyed her profound insights into human behaviour. When she announced that she would be running an online course called 'Find Your Confidence' I was delighted and after a lovely chat online I joined the course. It was a very powerful and enlightening experience, which I thoroughly enjoyed and gained huge results. I feared it was 'too late' to change my essentially introverted character (I'm the hamster!), but I quickly discovered that it's never too late and as the small group shared our dreams, our goals and our problems we bonded and supported each other. Week by week we could see so many positive changes happening in our lives, reflected in our faces. We had a lot of fun and laughter as we supported each other through the more painful moments. Sue gave us powerful tools to use to overcome our problems and increase our self-respect and confidence, to be assertive without being aggressive. I can completely recommend the course